Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twice in a Lifetime

Twice in a Lifetime
Judith Otto
ISBN 978-1-60313-097-4
Romantic suspense

Rachel's world is turned upside down when a strange man accosts her in a restaurant, talking about her taking away his unborn child. She is befuddled, but that's nothing new; she has no memory of her life before the last two years. Thus, she is able to accept the trut that this stranger, Struan, is her husband and willingly goes home with him to begin to reclaim her life. Yet, it's an uphill challenge all the way as she discovers she does not always like her former self and she now has a rival to fight for her husband's love. Yet, one truth remains hidden that could shatter the tentative happiness before her.

This story begins on a compeling note and keeps you hooked throughout. Though the ending is a little rushed, weakening it slightly, it is nonetheless powerful. Ms. Otto has successfully used the standard amnesia story and given it a fresh life.

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