Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Fever You Want to Catch

Blood Fever
Karen Marie Moning
ISBN 038533916X
4 1/2*

Mac continues her quest to find Objects of Power for Jericho Barrons, her enigmatic boss/partner/mentor in her education as a Sidhe Seer. Their main goal remain the powerful book that holds the key to controlling both Fey and human worlds, and Mac still wants justice for her late sister, but there are other considerations. New and old enemies confront her, Barron's is as much a thorn in her side as he is a help, and there is V'lane, the Death by Sex Fey who is determined to have her. Mac will be challenged in ways she has never imagined and forced to change in ways she would have never expected.

This new world's development remains a fascinating, intriguing source of wonder for lucky readers. Mac and Barrons are a fantastic pairing, though they do not lay down their swords long enough to realize it. Even though I normally prefer more romance, there is a subtle tension and enough interesting action that the lack is not a deficiency. Indeed, it would be out of place. I cannot wait until the next one.

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