Thursday, October 4, 2007

A very cool book for anyone

P.C. Cast
Kristin Cast
St. Martin's
ISBN 0312360282
YA Urban Fantasy

As Zoe struggles to cope with the many changes being Marked has wrought in her life, not the least of them being her new role as leader of the Dark Daughters, sinister things begin to go on around her. Human boys are disappearing and dying horribly, and certain events are leading Zoe to wonder who she can trust inside the House of Night. Surprisingly enough, her worst enemy is not as much of a hag as Zoe thought. The implications of that truth will have effects that threaten to tear Zoe's life to shreds, or to make her stronger.

Now that you're done with Harry Potter and want to know what to read next, no matter what your age is, put this series on the list. The Casts have created a world that is equally or more complex and compelling than that of the boy wizard. I savored every page as Zoe's life unfolded before us with all the traumas of teen years magnified by her gifts. Bring on the next entry soon!

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PC Cast said...

Thanks for the lovely review! So glad you enjoyed BETRAYED - Kristin and I certainly have a lot of fun with this series. CHOSEN will be out in March, with 3 more books to follow it. And check out our website,