Monday, October 1, 2007

A Kickin' Read - Overkill by L. Castillo

Linda Castillo
ISBN 0425218295

Giving in to rage cost Marty Hogan her career and ultimately forced her to relocate to a nothing town in the Texas panhandle to find work as a policewoman. Her tough as nails attitude is impressive to her new boss, Clay Settlemeyer, and he's had enough regrets to be willing to give her a second chance. Yet, bad news combined with incidents that look somewhat fishy make him wonder if the lady has PTSD. When the truth comes out, that the Russian mafia is out for her blood, terror will reign over their lives until justice is served.

Even without the minimalist love story, this would be a blazingly fast paced story guaranteed to satisfy your need for vicarious thrills. Marty is an unusual, take no prisoners, both tough and soft heroine who makes herself memorable not only to Clay, but to readers who wish for half her backbone.

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