Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Make Your Reservations - One Bite Stand

One Bite Stand
Nina Bangs
ISBN 0843959541

Daria is beautiful and kind, which means she lives with two strikes against her, since she is a harpie. To prove herself, she is sent to the Woo-Woo Inn to try and claim a powerful soul for Hades. Success will mean she has a place in her family, failure does not bear contemplation. A target is not hard to find, since the Inn is the vacation spot of choice for all magical beings who are anyone. Declan MacKenzie, vampire, would be a perfect soul to claim. Sparkle Stardust, cosmic trouble maker/fashionista extraordinaire, thinks so as well, but she has a very different match up for the two in mind. She's bound and determined to get them together, by any means necessary, and believe me, she's an expert on temptation. Unfortunately, she's also a little crippled this time. Her partner in trouble, Ganymede, is being very distant these days. Of course, there is also a cosmic disaster to avert, but is that really more important than love?

It's always a fun trip to the Woo-Woo Inn. Even though I'm not a cat person, I adore Ganymede and Sparkle, so seeing them is a treat. Declan and Daria's story is a winner, but it's the side story between the trouble makers that kept me most intrigued. Ganymede proves he's more than a powerful meddler. Hades will remind a lot of you of Screwtape, and this is a good thing. Make your reservations at the Inn, with no reservations. You will enjoy this.

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