Sunday, October 21, 2007

Miniature Epic - the Awakening by Rene Lyons

The Awakening
Rene Lyons
Tease (
ISBN 9871934678312

War between two corrupt powers has ravaged the world, and only with difficulty has Riana held onto her family home since her father's death. Inevitably though, the castle falls to the might of Warrick, the Witch Queen's faithful servant, who takes her to his mistress. However, Riana finds herself baffled by the consideration her captor shows. Yet, that is nothing compared to the dismay they share when the vile woman announces that Riana is to be given to Warrick as his unwilling and unwanted bride. Though they are forced into the match, is it possible that the secrets the reluctantly matched lovers hold could forge a union capable of changing the world?

If you like epic fantasy but are short on time, then you've just discovered the perfect book. In a very brief, all too brief, actually, span of pages, Ms. Lyons builds a world and sets up a romance that leaves you wanting more. She even makes a pairing that I normally find distasteful, that between human and demon, work. I hope sincerely that there is more to the story, and soon.

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