Monday, October 22, 2007

Daystar- Templar Vampires II

Rene Lyons
Samhain 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-148-3

Thanks to her sister, Lex has become a part of the world of the Vampire Knights Templar. She is not a vampire, much less a knight, but she is among the few who is trusted with their secrets and allowed to hang out with them. For one, Constantine, aka, the Dragon, she is more, much more. She is a constant source of temptation. Moreover, she is also the keeper of the power of the Daystar, and that means every evil vampire in the world will want to use her. The time is fast approaching when she will have to go through a trial in order for the Daystar's power to be made manifest. That will either end her life or change things forever. In the time she has left, Lex wants to share her love with Constantine, but can he get past the horrors he lived through centuries ago?

Ms. Lyons is most adept at building a complex fantasy world and keeping it interesting. Her version of vampirism has much in common with tradition, yet adds new aspects that make it wonderful. There are elements to the plot that remind me of Buffy, but they are things that should have been explored in that show and were not, so I am delighted to see them, in some way, given treatment here.

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