Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel - Ronda Thompson

Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel
Ronda Thompson
ISBN 0312949251
Paranormal/Chicklit/Contemporary Romance/Comedy/Mystery

Lou Kinipski has the most unusual beauty secret of any of the top models on the catwalk. In fact, given what it is, you probably should not refer to the runway as the catwalk. Until seven years ago, she was drop dead ugly, then she turned into a werewolf. Once she bruises from an attempted rape that triggered the change heal, she's gorgeous. Because she killed her would be rapist, she went on the run, got a new identity, and became a star model. Life is good, with only a few concessions to her condition required until someone begins killing women who look like her and Lou's past starts to become an issue. Making things even more complicated are the four men now in her life; a sleazy, but still somewhat charming PI, the photographer she's had a crush on for years, the policeman who is the lead on the case, and a vampire. At least two of them could be handy, considering that she's definitely on the killer's list of victims. Romance is not Lou's biggest concern, however. Worry about her past and if she has a future are vying for that role.

I loved this! Suspense and fun are mixed so well that you are on the edge of your seat and laughing at the same time. Seeds of wonderful stories that should be told are scattered throughout the pages, making you want to revisit Lou and her world again. This is a definite keeper.

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