Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dead Girls are Easy

Dead Girls Are Easy
Terry Garey
ISBN-10: 0061136158

Nicki Styx's life changed forever when she died. Fortunately for her, it didn't take. She just had an NDE, got sent back to Earth because it wasn't her time, and woke up to find out she, at less than thirty, had experienced a heart incident. She also learns that she has the ability to see and hear the dead. Now, all the ghosts are bugging her for favors, and one ghost, one who used to be her friend, is able to hurt her and has very evil plans for Nicki. She'll need the help of a voodoo priestess, and maybe moral support from her best friend and the hunky doctor who brought her back from life, to keep from being worse off than dead. It'll also take a lot of faith. If she makes it through this trial, perhaps she and the good doctor can settle their relationship issues. Is it creepy that she is identical to his missing, possibly dead, wife?

Light, sardonic humor balances out the inherent horror of Nicki's impending fate worse than death. Ms. Garey manages to juggle a great many plots all at the same time, making this a read for those of nimble minds. I particularly admired her frequent use of Biblical quotations, something you don't see often enough in any novels, much less paranormal ones.

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