Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Midnight Alley Morganville III

Midnight Alley
Morganville Vampires 3
Rachel Caine
ISBN 0803715358
YA paranormal

One thing about Morganville you need to know before moving there is that the solutions to problems have new problems inherent inside them. Becoming Amelie, the founder of the vampire line's, protectee was supposed to make things better for Claire and those she loves. So far, it's just added to her burdens. Her "patron" has ordered the girl to study with an insane vampire alchemist, working on a top secret project to what end she does not know. The meanest girl in town, the one who set the chain of events into motion that put Claire into the Glass House, Monica, now wants to be her best friend. There must be an ulterior motive. Two of her housemates are at each others' throats, which is only natural since Shane is the son of a vampire hunter and Michael is now a vampire. Claire finds herself the focus of too much attention and not knowing who to trust in the vampyric political games that turn human lives into chess pieces.

If you love complex stories in well built worlds, then it's time to take a trip to Morganville. Each new entry into the series fits neatly after the last and ends in such a way as to make you hunger for the next one to resolve the questions opened at its conclusion. Whatever your age, it will be impossible not to be fascinated by this edgy, unfolding drama.

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