Friday, October 5, 2007

Never Say Never

Never Say Never
Geralyn Dawson
ISBN 0451222431
Romantic Susp.

A stalker sends "bad twin" Torie Bradshaw running to Matt Callahan, the man who once rescued her and subsequently got under her skin, making himself unforgettable. Matt has enough problems without Torie in his life, but he finds it impossible to say no to her; mostly because she won't go away. Murder changes things, though, and the pair finds themselves partners in solving a crime. However, Matt is not being purely altruistic; he's getting something out of this deal besides job satisfaction. To stave off matrimony minded women, he fakes an engagement to Torie, not realizing she'd like to make it real.

With the fun that hallmarked Ms. Dawson's historical work, especially the Bad Luck series, this romance takes readers on a wild ride. Though the pacing was at times uneven, that can be forgiven because of the overall quality and superb characterizations.

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