Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Robin T Popp- Lord of the night

Lord of the Night

Robin T Popp



ISBN 0446617857



Eric Winslow finds himself in an entirely unenviable position when Kacie Renault kills a powerful vampire. He has sworn to protect her, but like her victim, who happened to be his best friend, Eric is a vampire. Yet, something more is going on; it becomes apparrent that there is a plot to against Eric and all for which he stands. There is a second difficulty as well. Eric finds himself falling for a woman trained to kill his kind.

Kacie and Eric's story is a compelling one, drawing on the complexities of family life and the quest for political power, as well as the abiding theme of transitions. Readers will delight with the changing relationship between the young woman and the man she has respected and who has watched over her all through her life. If you have missed the earlier books in this series, this one stands well on its own, so you may freely dive into it before backtracking.

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