Friday, October 19, 2007

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun
Rene Lyons
ISBN 1599980673

Centuries ago, a band of Templars was cursed to "live" as vampires. Yet, despite this, they still aspire to redemption and hope to regain a chance at Heaven. Thus, Rogue, Constantine, Sebastian, and Tristan have spent the last six centuries fighting evil. Yet, they live with cold hearts and let no one outside their fellowship get close to them. Then, they rescue Allie from a renegade vampire. The mortal woman becomes a regular part of their world, and one that Sebastian cannot ignore. Giving in to the love that she longs for would only place her in danger, especially with the evil brand of vampires becoming more reckless and daring.

Though the theme of vampires seeking redemption is a rather common one, Ms. Lyons spin on it is not trite at all. Having the vampires live together as a company, as well as their vocation being Christian, is unique. Moreover, they do not get too broody, which can be a flaw in many such stories. There is plenty of action and romance to keep the story moving and the world that she has built is very intriguing.

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