Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hidden Moon - Lori Handeland's Night creatures

Hidden Moon
Lori Handeland
St Martin's
ISBN 0312949170

Claire Kennedy's tenure as mayor of Lake Bluff Georgia is about to become the most interesting of any mayor's in the sleepy town's history. The sudden appearances of odd wolves and Gypsies at almost the same time seems a little strange. Then, people who give Claire a hard time begin to disappear; is the handsome Rom who has taken a shine to her involved? Is there magic in the air, and is it black or white? Before Claire can find happiness, these questions have to be answered.

If you have missed the Night Creatures series, for shame. However, as each one can stand alone easily, you will have no problem being sucked into this evolving universe. Fans will take note that there is a new sort of werewolf introduced, one even Edward will not know how to deal with, once he arrives. It's wonderful to see that there is more to Ms. Handeland's realm than we knew, and now I want to see what's next.

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