Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Would Jesus Vote

How Would Jesus Vote
D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
ISBN 1400074061
Current Events

The upcoming elections present voters with a challenge, and for Christians, it is even more true. If we are to be imitators of Christ, we need to know how He would deal with all that is before us, on all electoral levels. In a clar, concise manner, the authors lay out Biblical principles on the issues before us such as poverty, immigration, heath care, and a plethora of others, with each opinion backed by Scripture and or examples from the lives of the Reformers. Though possibly someone of other opinion could find verse supporting their views, the style and content strike me as being balanced, fair, Biblical, and while not without bias, with a definite Christian perspective.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Merry Gentry 7

Swallowing Darkness
Laurell K Hamilton
Random House
ISBN 0345495934

If Merry thought that her pregnancy would make her life any easier, that is, she would have fulfilled the Queen of Air and Darkness' terms of heirship, she was sadly mistaken. Rather, the twins in her womb have made her at least twice as much of a target as ever and placed her at the center of a war that is fought on multiple fronts as both the Seelie and Unseelie courts attack her and her cousin, Cel, does not take his defeat lying down, either. Bloody battles are bad enough, but her personal losses sting all the more as her foes come against her through the men closest to her heart, the fathers of her children. As the situations come to their heads, Merry finds that she must make a choice that will cost her dearly, however it goes.

With the seventh volume of this series, the reader gets a payoff that is both bittersweet and yet, welcome. It feels as if things have drawn to a close on Merry's world, but it is done so well that it is hard to regret. High fantasy elements are mixed in with urban fantasy in this satisfying story, but you do need a scorecard to keep track of all the characters.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

CS Lewis

Yours, Jack
C.S. Lewis
Harper One
ISBN 0061240591
Biographical, Inspirational

C.S. Lewis was famous for the amount of time he spent composing letters and answering his mail. Every day brought dozens of pieces of fan mail and other correspondence that he spent hours dealing with daily. In this volume, we get to see the results of this time, the author's unvarnished heart and mind, not polished for publication. His questions and search for deeper answers as he pursued his Christian life, his personal concerns, his hopes, and his sorrows are all exposed for us to see and share in. Through this medium, we get insight into his professional writing and into the life of one of the twentieth century's most influential philosophers. We also gain much in the way of Christian instruction in a very readable format. This is a must for any fan of Lewis and Narnia.

Saturdays with Stella

Saturdays with Stella
Allison J Pittman
ISBN 1601421397

Owning an unruly dog can be a challenge, but for the author, it proves to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. When she takes her dog, Stella, to obedience classes, Allison begins to reflect on how like the canine she can be in relation to her Master, God. Through watching Stella's lessons and applying them to her spiritual life, she gleans lessons that are applicable to us all, such as sitting at the Master's feet, staying, letting go, and more. Pet owner or not, you'll discover something new that will help you as you walk with God.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoe Martinique Book II Spectre

Phaedra Weldon
ISBN 044101593X
Urban fantasy

In the weeks and months since being transformed to a Wraith, Zoe Martinique has adjusted to her new status; she has some awesome powers while in spirit form, the only real drawback is no voice. However, as things generally do, life is about to take a downward spiral for her. Because powerful beings connected to her hidden past want some gems that will give them power beyond measure, Zoe finds herself trying to solve a mystery and being forced into even more unspeakable acts than possession in order to save her mother from a fate far worse than death and all mankind from an evil as old as time.

Zoe's wry humor gives her a "voice" that readers will readily identify with and enjoy. She's sharp and funny, even at her most serious moments when things look dire. Ms. Weldon's unique concept of a world is fascinating and one that makes you want to see more of it, soon. Truly original spins on concepts are few and far between. Thankfully, readers can say they have found something special and new in the Zoe series.

Friday, August 29, 2008

AT last Acheron

Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin's
ISBN 0312362153
Epic urban fantasy

His birth was heralded by prophecy, eleven thousand years ago. He would been slain on account of his odd eyes then and there, if it were not for the fact that if Acheron died, so would his "twin," the crown prince of his land. Yet, from that time on, he was the hated child of his family, loved only by his sister Ryssa, but even her compassion and royal place could not save him from being sent away to the most demeaning of slaveries that would come near to breaking him. Though he knows freedom for a time, he soon finds himself in chains again, forced to the most humiliating, debased service, doing unspeakable acts for the pleasure of others. Yet, he now finds someone else to love him, the goddess Artemis. Or is she just another user? Then, things happen that will forge destinies for millennia. Ryssa was taken as Apollo's concubine and bore his child. Then, the god's enemies killed them both and his revenge created the Daimons, as well as killed Acheron. However, Acheron finds his life in death, discovering his true heritage as the child of Atlantean gods. He also learns how treacherous his lover is. To counter the evil, Artemis creates the Dark Hunters, and binds them to Acheron. If any of them ever discover love and want to be free, she will allow it, if Ash will pay the price in her bed.

In the modern world, Acheron continues to serve his purpose as the leader of the Dark Hunters and pay for their lives when needed, but now, someone is about to discover his secret. Tory, a young scientist who is seeking Atlantis, has found his sister's journals. If that were not bad enough, she might be able to set free Ash's mother, an act that would rain death upon the world. That could happen anyway; for she has captured his heart and Aphrodite is not a goddess who bears rivals lightly.

This book is almost impossible to sum up in a few lines. With a massive, multi-faceted storyline that will draw you in and make you want to read fast, but need to read slowly so as to catch all the details and nuances, it forges a pivotal chapter in Dark Hunter history. Your heart will bleed for Acheron and many scenes are violent and graphic. However, the characterizations are brilliant, driving the many plots forward. Truly, if you love character dominant stories, this is a perfect book for you. It's also an excellent stand alone one, though this is a series not to be missed. Changes take place that will be felt in all future books, and I can't wait to see what the effects are.

Sons of Destiny

The Storm
Jean Johnston
ISBN 0425222179

In the Cat, we saw one side of a love story involving two sets of twins. Now, Rydan and Rora must find their way to each other, something only complicated by his solitary ways and her need to not be touched. Moreover, Rora and her sister have a tough time trusting this family that has taken them in, and in winning the trust of the growing clan. With mishaps and magic providing the background, though, love can ovecome even the highest, strongest walls around toughened hearts.

Ms. Johnston's created world is one that is becoming a comfortable place in which to park one's mind. Each brother provides a fascinating portrait, and the women they love are equal to the task of winning them. The auther has truly turned their "Curse" into a blessing, for readers, that is. Her characterization skills are among the best out there.