Friday, August 29, 2008

AT last Acheron

Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin's
ISBN 0312362153
Epic urban fantasy

His birth was heralded by prophecy, eleven thousand years ago. He would been slain on account of his odd eyes then and there, if it were not for the fact that if Acheron died, so would his "twin," the crown prince of his land. Yet, from that time on, he was the hated child of his family, loved only by his sister Ryssa, but even her compassion and royal place could not save him from being sent away to the most demeaning of slaveries that would come near to breaking him. Though he knows freedom for a time, he soon finds himself in chains again, forced to the most humiliating, debased service, doing unspeakable acts for the pleasure of others. Yet, he now finds someone else to love him, the goddess Artemis. Or is she just another user? Then, things happen that will forge destinies for millennia. Ryssa was taken as Apollo's concubine and bore his child. Then, the god's enemies killed them both and his revenge created the Daimons, as well as killed Acheron. However, Acheron finds his life in death, discovering his true heritage as the child of Atlantean gods. He also learns how treacherous his lover is. To counter the evil, Artemis creates the Dark Hunters, and binds them to Acheron. If any of them ever discover love and want to be free, she will allow it, if Ash will pay the price in her bed.

In the modern world, Acheron continues to serve his purpose as the leader of the Dark Hunters and pay for their lives when needed, but now, someone is about to discover his secret. Tory, a young scientist who is seeking Atlantis, has found his sister's journals. If that were not bad enough, she might be able to set free Ash's mother, an act that would rain death upon the world. That could happen anyway; for she has captured his heart and Aphrodite is not a goddess who bears rivals lightly.

This book is almost impossible to sum up in a few lines. With a massive, multi-faceted storyline that will draw you in and make you want to read fast, but need to read slowly so as to catch all the details and nuances, it forges a pivotal chapter in Dark Hunter history. Your heart will bleed for Acheron and many scenes are violent and graphic. However, the characterizations are brilliant, driving the many plots forward. Truly, if you love character dominant stories, this is a perfect book for you. It's also an excellent stand alone one, though this is a series not to be missed. Changes take place that will be felt in all future books, and I can't wait to see what the effects are.

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