Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Body Movers

Three Men and a Body
Stephanie Bond
ISBN 0778326071
Romantic Suspense

What should have been a fairly "fun" trip with Coop, one of the trio of men courting Carlotta Wren, to pick up the body of a celebrity who has died at a young age under somewhat odd circumstances, turns out to be a pivotal event for Carlotta. Not only do she and Coop agree that it seems like the late star's death is more than a simple asthma attack, but their romantic interlude is cut short by her kid brother's intrusion on the trip and the fact that someone keeps trying to steal the body. Moreover, little brother Wesley's gambling debts are causing continual problems, ones that get in the way of any relationship with Jack, the cop she is interested in and keep her tied to her former fiance', Peter, who wants to be reinstated, despite his earlier betrayal. Making matters even worse are all the unwelcome truths that Carlotta finds herself being forced to face about her father's past.

This is a complex story, but still, filled with light and amusing moments off setting the terrifying ones. Ms. Bond has created characters that live and breath and make you want to know them better. I can hardly wait for the next one.

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