Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Death Angel

Death Angel
Linda Howard
ISBN 0345486544
Romantic Suspense

As a result of her gangster sugar daddy's latest deal with an assassin, Drea's life changes forever. In lieu of money, Rafael gives her, for the space of one afternoon, to a hitman he wants to keep happy. At first, she is angry at being such a pawn, but that is a magical afternoon and sets in motion plans she has made over the span of years. Though Drea played dumb, she was really brilliant and after being with a man who at least pretended to cherish her for a short time, she has to make her escape. Had she not taken over two million dollars along, Rafael might have let her go, but for that kind of change, she finds herself on the run and terrified. The man who inspired the change is among those hired to eliminate her, but instead, he turns into her greatest ally, after he kills her, that is.

Possibly this is her best book since Mr. Perfect. Drea's story draws you in immediately and steadily increases in intensity from there on out. It's one you can't put down once it really gets going so compelling are the characters and situations. I could have easily read it another hundred pages had it been longer, and probably still wanted to know more.

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