Friday, August 29, 2008

Sons of Destiny

The Storm
Jean Johnston
ISBN 0425222179

In the Cat, we saw one side of a love story involving two sets of twins. Now, Rydan and Rora must find their way to each other, something only complicated by his solitary ways and her need to not be touched. Moreover, Rora and her sister have a tough time trusting this family that has taken them in, and in winning the trust of the growing clan. With mishaps and magic providing the background, though, love can ovecome even the highest, strongest walls around toughened hearts.

Ms. Johnston's created world is one that is becoming a comfortable place in which to park one's mind. Each brother provides a fascinating portrait, and the women they love are equal to the task of winning them. The auther has truly turned their "Curse" into a blessing, for readers, that is. Her characterization skills are among the best out there.

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