Friday, August 8, 2008

Weather Warden Rachel Caine

Gale Force
Rachel Caine
ISBN 0451462238

The war between the Djinn and the Wardens may have ceased and a new dynamic emerged from the conflict, but life is far from calm and quiet for Jo Baldwin. With her new powers and being the Conduit's lover, she has more to cope with than ever. Complicating matters is the opposition the Djinn have towards her relationship with David and the effects it could mean for them as a race as well as a new evil force that shakes the Earth and threatens all of life with the opposite of creation. Then, someone who should be dead makes all of that pale in comparison.

Light, wry wit keeps things from getting too heavy, but even at the funniest moments, there is an intense drama that makes this a magnetic book. Jo's stories are impossible to not read once you get hooked. Her human frailty is ever present, keeping her real, no matter how powerful she becomes. This series shows no signs of weakening and is the one time you can welcome a storm in your life. The characters are ones you care about so much that leaving them at the end is painful, no matter that you will be rushing to find out how the end does happen.

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