Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Da Vinci code for Christians

The Secret Cardinal
Tom Grace
ISBN 1593154569

In China, a Catholic priest suffers as a martyr for his steadfast loyalty to Christ and to the Roman church. Knowing his plight, the pope asks Nolan Kilkenny to get Father Yin, who the pontiff has elevated to the status of Cardinal, to freedom. Despite the danger and his anger at God, the ex-SEAL agrees and begins to immediately plan how to achieve his goal. The tension and pressing need only increases when the pope dies and Yin is suddenly a candidate to replace him. He's also on death row. However, though many of the cardinals would like to heed the late pope's tacit request that the Chinese man become the first Oriental pope, there are forces that do not want him to escape to get the chance. One Judas is all it would take to kill not only the prisoner, but his rescuers. Miracles will be needed.

It's so very refreshing to find a thrilling novel filled with intrigue that affirms the faith. Even Protestants, like myself, will be absorbed by the fast-paced action and labyrinthine politics. If somehow Tom Clancy and Andrew Greeley collaborated on a book, the results might look somewhat like this. Forget Da Vinci and its many clones that try to tear down Christ's true bride. Go for something like this, a feel good, action novel.

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