Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jean Johnson - The Master Review

The Master
Jean Johnson
ISBN-10: 042521706X

All the worries fans have had over the fate of the lost brother, Dom, who was kidnapped back in The Sword, can be put to rest. Though despite the title, we find him sold as a slave, it would seem that this is simply the hand of destiny, guiding him to the woman who is meant to help him fulfill his part of the curse. Considering how well it's turned out for Wolfer and Saber, I'm not so sure that they should not call it a Blessing. Serina treats Dom well, and even helps him find a way to re-establish contact with his brothers. In turn, he teaches her much and advances her work greatly. However, she wants to have a child, and all of Dom's comments seem to indicate he does not. Besides, he is determined to return to his brothers and sister-in-law; he does not know that the latter is now plural, and she can only follow if her son is welcome. Can their issues be resolved?

Though light on conflict and mostly lacking the appearance of the excellent supporting cast of the Brothers of Destiny, this is a worthy addition to the series. New revelations about the fates the eight men and the women they love face is revealed and it seems as if there is far more to the curse, or as I think of it, blessing, than they guessed. I'm eager to see how Ev, the next brother in the queue, fares.

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