Sunday, September 23, 2007

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Drop Dead, Gorgeous
MaryJanice Davidson
ISBN 0-7582-1896-66

Weddings can be somewhat dull, but an assassination attempt is a rather extreme way to liven up tradition. That is just an occupational hazard when the groom is the Boss of the O.S.I. and the bride is one of their top cyborg agent's best friends. Fortunately, the attempt fails and provides a perfect opportunity for the Boss to send in a mole, Jenny Branch, the genius level, but otherwise ordinary girl who manages, or tries to, Caitlyn's (from Hello, Gorgeous) non-spying side of life. Posing as the prisoner of the double agent who had to try and kill the Boss, Kevin Stone, she is prepared to suffer some for the cause. She's not ready to fall in love with Kevin, but things tend to happen fast in the O.S.I. world. Surprises are around every corner, especially when it comes to the Boss.

This is a "gorgeously" fun series. Imagine the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man, adjusted for inflation, and with a liberal dash of humor. Jenny's story proves that even a non super powered person can be more than capable, though. Yes, there are some traits to the books that could almost be called trademark MJD effects. However, you are buying the books because you like her and how she writes. So, getting what you expect in some form is a good thing. This is a good brain break read. You may not get any profound revelations or have to think a lot, but you will laugh.

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