Friday, September 28, 2007

Jim Butcher's Epic Fantasy - Coming soon Codex Alera IV

Captain's Fury: Codex Alera Book IV

Jim Butcher



ISBN-10: 0441015271

Epic Fantasy


For two years, war has raged across Alera, but now, Tavi, Captain of the First Legion, realizes that there is an enemy that no one has perceived as of yet, one deadlier than any seen before. It has already forced the Canim out of their lands, exacerbating the tensions in his own as a flood of immigrants vie for their place in the world and resentments boil. But, it won't stop there. If Tavi cannot forge a peace between the antagonists that are already tearing apart Alera on multiple levels, friend and foe alike will be lost in an all consuming void. Politics, hypocrisy, and old fears stand in his way, but Tavi has been forged into the one man who has a chance of victory.

Readers are transported to a distant world that feels like a cross between Ancient Rome and Ancient Britain in this complex tale of war and personal growth. Battles are conducted on the field and in the heart, and everywhere in between. Despite this, there is a strong current of love that makes all the fights worth the effort. Once again, Mr. Butcher demonstrates his versatile talent that never fails to engage his audience. However, this is not the Dresden files. It is a far more serious world, with few quips to lighten the tone.

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