Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One for the Whovians- Time Rovers - Virtual Evil

Virtual Evil: Time Rovers Book II
Jana G. Oliver
ISBN 1896944787
Time Travel/Mystery

Something has gone wrong in the timeline, not a totally unexpected thing considering that time travel has been opened up as a leisure passtime for tourists, but now the Time Rovers have to fix it. Cynda has been sent back to Victorian London to repair the damage and finds herself neck deep in another serial killer case and facing old and new enemies. As she navigates through the dangers that go beyond those inherent in her profession, Cynda must also deal with the fact that something is wrong in her mind. Like many an agent before her, she is dealing with hallucinations; well, one; Mr. Spider, an arachnid that provides often unwanted advice on his own schedule. As the body count edges higher, Cynda may pay the ultimate price to save proper chronology.

The one complaint I have is that a glossary would have been useful to refresh my mind on the terms, as I've read more than a few books since the first Time Rovers charmed me. However, despite that handicapping factor, I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced mystery. If you love Doctor Who, then this is a must-read. The logical narrative is also imaginative and intriguing. Book three cannot come soon enough.

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