Friday, September 21, 2007


Death of a Blogger
Danae M West
ISBN 9781593749095

More than a few residents of Stranded, Idaho had good reason to want Wendy Wallace dead. The blogger had been undercutting the newspaper's revenue and spilling all the small town secrets for the entire world wide web to view. When she winds up dead, the best friend of the prime suspect finds herself transformed from artist into sleuth, and hoping she does not turn up as the next victim. Effie also has to manage her friend Molly's campaign for mayor Molly sits in jail and somehow organize the annual Pumpkin Festival. She would also greatly appreciate it if people would shut up about her toadish ex, who is one of the people on her list of potential murderers. Who "dun" it? Was it the lecherous doctor? The late mayor's wife who is trying to make the job permanent? Could it be the snide lady who runs the newspaper, or the New Agey reverend? Effie is about to learn more about her neighbors than she wants to, even without reading Wendy's blog.

Unlike many fun, humorous mysteries, Death of a Blogger does not go over the top creating unrealistic humor. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun read, but you don't have to suspend disbelief to imagine it taking place. Small touches make it seem plausible, and you will laugh as well. I hope this is only Effie's first case, though it sounds like she'll have plenty to keep her busy, even without playing Trixie Belden, in the future.

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