Thursday, November 1, 2007

Carole Nelson Douglas returns to fantasy

Dancing With Werewolves
Carole Nelson Douglas
ISBN 0809572036
Urban Fantasy

Several years ago, it seemed as if everyone expected Y2K to bring about the End of Days. It fizzled in this world, but Delilah Street's Earth, it was appocolyptic in the true sense of the word- revelatory. Rather than ending life, it revealed that witches, were-beings, vampires, and all things mystic are real. Delilah is not a witch or other para-being, at least she doesn't think she is, but she does investigate them for a local news station until she gets on the wrong powerful being's bad side. That, grief, and seeing her "twin" dead on CSI Las Vegas V impel her to shift her residence to Vegas and try to find out who the mystery woman with her face is. Delilah thought she was alone in the world. Now, she might not be. CSI's producer, Hector Nightwine, provides her with a job and a place to live. He is only one of the intriguing males who will come into Del's life. The vampire, Snow, wraps her wrist in an enchanted bracelet with strange powers that couuld lead to trouble. Ex-FBI agent, Ric Montoya, provides her with help, via his dowsing powers, and romance. Then, there is her new dog, a wolf hybrid, who could be considered her familiar. Her investigation will show Delilah just how complex and dangerous the world is. CinSims, beings who replicate matinee idols, a werewolf/vampire war, mystical spiders, and Vegas itself keep the action fast paced and filled with rich images. Delilah may have bitten off more than she can chew, or it might just be the start of something wonderful. My vote is for the latter.

Ms. Douglas' return to fantasy is a triumph. She has enhanced the present reality with magic and excitement that leaps off the page and never slows down. Readers' minds will be filled with vivid pictures, but never too much information. Yet, despite the fast pace, there are raw, emotional moments that will strike your heart. Though set in Vegas, this book is not a gamble. You can only win if you read it.

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