Friday, November 2, 2007

Tempting Darkness

Tempting Darkness
Rene Lyons
ISBN 1-59998-321-4

For two months, Lucian is trapped in a dungeon with the human woman, Jessica, a constant temptation to both his seven century long vow of celibacy and his intense vampiric hunger. They are kept there for no other reason than Stephan wants revenge on Lucian, simply because he came home after his death. Now, he has turned literally into his brother's keeper, but in a horrific way, using every opportunity to torture Lucian. The Templar Vampire knows he must achieve an escape for both himself and Jessica before it's too late. Yet, he also knows the terrible price that their freedom will exact.

This is a very different book from the two previous volumes in the series, with a decidedly different focus. Those who have followed the storyline will be most intrigued by the additional details given about the mythos of the Templar Vampire Knights and their sacred duty. Perhaps Tempting Darkness is the most intense of the three novels to date, with its themes of sacrifice, family, betrayal, and revenge. It is also the most powerful.

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