Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sexy Angels

Rene Lyons
ISBN 1599985373

Sabrina needs to know the truth about a trio of mystic stones said to be old as Creation, magical rocks tied to her father's legacy and her own destiny. Her quest takes her to see Seth, or more properly, Setheus, an enigmatic man who is actually an angel who sacrificed his place in Heaven to protect humanity from the rebellious angels who want the stones and to wrest control of life away from God. After so long, Seth's life has become a torture to him, but when Sabrina enters his carefully controlled world, he finds new interest. He also finds that the war against evil has flared into intense life and it will take his closest brothers plus all Sabrina has to give to defeat it.

The only flaw in this story is that it is far too short. The angelic mythos presented here is utterly fascinating and I would love to explore it in greater depth. You will not regret adding this book to your TBR pile, just don't make it a to be read for long. Read it.

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