Monday, November 19, 2007

Return to Tara

Rhett Butler's People
Donald McCraig
ISBN 0312262515

Rhett Butler. Those two words alone will make any woman's head jerk up and have her looking for Clark Gable, but, there's more to the handsome enigma than his looks. Mr. McCraig begins the story of of Mr. Butler's life as a youth, long before Scarlett hurled a vase at him. We see his story unfold as he becomes the family blacksheep, maintains a relationship with his sister who is so like Miss Melly, and befriends Belle Watling. Then, he meets Scarlett and his world becomes the one we all know, but now, we see another side to it. Fans of GWTW will also learn a few things we've longed to know since we first encountered that epic.

This is an absorbing treat for not only Gone with the Wind fans, but fans of historical novels in general. Filled with historical insights, it presents us with the heart of a compassionate, passionate man who has lived in the hearts of millions for decades.

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