Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mermaid Overboard

Swimming Without a Net
Mary Janice Davidson
ISBN 0515143812

After taking a year off from romance, Fred Bimm, the mermaid, is confronted with the need to deal with her People of the Sea half of her ancestry when she is summoned to a major meeting at the command of her would be fiance, Prince Artur. When she and her best friend, Jonas, arrive, she also discovers her other potential suitor, Thomas, has been invited. Though he's strictly a land dweller, Artur is compeled by fairness to make sure he has equal access. Now, Fred just needs to learn merfolk etiquette and protocol while navigating the stormy seas of love and politics while her people debate joining the biped world. She also has to somehow keep her boss, who has arrived to continue her romance with Jonas, from learning she's a mermaid. What fun!

Fred may be having a bad day, but readers will be delighted with the results of this latest comic romp, or would that be swim? Although many of the story elements will be familiar to fans of Ms. Davidson's body of work, it is a comfortable read, perfect for a mental escape in a high pressure season. Fred's unique circumstances give a new spin on the conventions we love in these stories. If you need a laugh, then you won't go wrong buying this book, or anything else by MJD.

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