Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Blood Brothers New Nora Trilogy Begins

Blood Brothers
Nora Roberts
ISBN 0515143804

Three ten year old boys unwittingly unleash an evil force that rains down havoc and hell on their small town every seven years thereafter. Now, as the third set of seven years approaches, things begin to come to a head. Adding to the danger and to the resources the three blood brothers have to stand against their foe is Quinn, a beautiful writer researching legends. She has won the heart of one of the men, Cal Hawkins, and has skills that will prove useful as they enter the war on evil. Yet, love can be a distraction as well as a source of strength. Which she will prove to be could prove critical when push comes to shove.

I wonder if Ms. Roberts will ever write a bad book. Juding by this, no. Despite the word blood in the title, if anyone is expecting more vampires, they will be disappointed. However, that should not prevent anyone from loving this tale of good vs. evil, love, destiny, and consequences.

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