Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Lady is a Vamp

The Lady is a Vamp
Michelle Rowen
Warner Forever
April 08
ISBN 0446618632
Paranormal Romance

The Ruby Eye will grant a wish once every thousand years. As the time for it to be able to do so approaches, two once upon a time friends are in a race against each other to gain it first. Janie's enigmatic, cruel Boss has ordered her to bring it to him and kill her rival, or she and her sister face the most unpleasant of deaths. Killing her rival should be easy for her, despite the crush she once had on him, for she is a vampire hunter, and Quinn is now a vampire. He is determined to find the Eye and wish for humanity, but seeing Janie and hearing her need changes things. As they get closer to it and to each other, their impossible situations continue to become more and more painful.

Excitement, a strong, character driven, intense plot, and wicked humor keep this story racing. It's a true gem, that adhere to some conventions, but at the same time remains fresh. As usual, Ms. Rowen delivers a winning story. Enjoy it. No fooling.

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