Sunday, March 30, 2008

Truly original

Eternal Pleasure
Nina Bangs
ISBN 0843959533

For sixty five million years, the Eleven have waited for this time, the time when the world would be poised on the edge of a violent change, one that would wipe out mankind, unless they, the protectors of humanity, could triumph against their foes. Now, with the long prophesized event upon them, it is up to Ty Endeka and his ten "brothers," for want of a better description, along with Ty's driver, Kelly, to prevent what would amount to Armeggedon. For her part, Kelly had no idea what she was getting into when she accepted the job to chauffer the sinfully handsome man, or any idea what he truly was. She did know Houston could get strange, but as she enters Ty's world, she finds out exactly how weird. Her planet is on the line here, and now, so is her heart. Ty is not an ordinary guy; in fact, he's so different that even if he saves the world, Kelly's looking at a broken heart, but she still has to risk it all.

This is a complex book, one that is tough to sum up without letting the cat, complete with sharp fangs, out of the bag, and that would absolutely ruin your enjoyment of this marvelous novel. Ms. Bangs can be relied upon to deliver a story worth her readers' time and money, but she truly reveals her range of ability in this one. We are used to light comedy from her, and it's there, but coupled with high drama, action, and concepts that are brand new, at least to me. Her hero is like nothing you've met before on the printed page, and I seriously doubt elsewhere either. As a native Houstonian, I can add in that she captures the city itself well, too, and a couple of places where she mentioned supernatural goings on taking place, I had to think, "You know, that could explain a bit."

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