Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Sarah Strohmeyer
ISBN 0525950648
Women's fiction/romance

Guilt over her actions decades ago leads Betty Mueller to try and reunite her daughter, Julie, with her one true love, Michael Slayton. Because Betty broke them up, Julie's life has been somewhat bleak, with the only real bright spot being the daughter that was the result of her failed marriage to a pompous S.O.B. Using her wiles, Betty makes sure both Julie and Michael are enrolled in a cooking class, and then lets nature take its course. Even as the enemity they harbored turns to friendship and then, something sweeter, tragedy and fear plague other areas of Julie's life as she faces transitions, terrors, and pains that are all too common to most of our lives. Yet, through it all, Michael provides a source of strength and of hope.

This story will be a source of hope for the reader as well. We have all had things we regret doing and wish to fix, most will face trials with our parents and with the loss of one or the other of them, and failed romance. We have health scares, too. Seeing how these events play out and resolve will strike a chord with us and allow us to hope for such a sweet ending. Be warned though, don't read this book when you are hungry.

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