Monday, March 3, 2008

Princess Mia
Meg Cabot
ISBN 0060724617

Breaking up with the guy you have loved forever, losing your best friend, being completely falsely accused to wrecking her relationship with her boyfriend, and having someone set up a website dedicated to hating you is ample reason to be depressed, right? If you said yes, Princess Mia totally agrees with you; however, when she and her black mood hole up and hide from life, her royal father trundles her to the psychiatrist's office, where she is challenged to do one thing that scares her a day. For Mia, that is anything involving dealing with people. Aside from the aforementioned problems, she finds that Lilly, her former best friend's, former boyfriend, J.P., now wants to be the love of her life, and if she were not still nutty over Michael, he'd be tempting, which is not a good thing. Second, she has to come up with a speech to give some exclusive women's society. Then, she also has her Grandmere who is a problem just by living and breathing, school, the fact that she has begun to fill out, and her mortal enemy now is acting like her best friend. Could life possibly get more complex? Yes, it could, and she will have to get through all of it, while in the process giving her fans a story to celebrate.

The Princess is a charming heroine whose problems, even the ones we would never face, feel so real that you can not only sympathize with, but empathize and become deeply involved. Having read Ms. Cabot's work for adults as well as young people, I think I can safely say I'd read a cereal box if she wrote it. Three cheers for all involved.

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