Friday, March 28, 2008

Marguerite's story

Vampire, Interrupted
Lynsay Sands
ISBN 0061229776
Paranormal Romance

Though Marguerite is beloved by her entire family, it appears that not everyone holds her in equal affection; someone is determined to remove her pretty, seven hundred year old head from her shoulders. Just as her life has taken this dangerous and deadly turn, she meets Julius, another Immortal who gets into her heart like no man ever has, including her late husband. Could he be her lifemate, after all this time? Has he found her just in time to lose her to another's desire for revenge, and what secrets will be revealed as he enters Marguerite's life?

Humor, romance, mystery, and delightful plot twists make this one of the strongest Argeneau books yet. Marguerite is a mature heroine, yet still innocent in a way, and not at all worn out or angsty. The complexity of her situation might boggle the mind, but after being a supporting character for so many novels, it's time she got her own, very meaty story. I just hope there is more to come.

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