Monday, March 17, 2008

Soul Savers

Soul Savers
Donna McGillvray
Whiskey Creek
ISBN 978-1-60313-105-6

Neither Rae nor Alex has any idea why they would be summoned to attend the reading of a will of a man they never heard of, but the two strangers find themselves required to first spend a weekend in his home, and then, in order to receive a hefty bequest, they are to live in it for two years and during that time, attempt to lay to rest two troubled souls haunting it. Seeing the potential uses for the money, both want to do good with it, they agree and find both their residence and the company more than agreeable, for the most part. However, their quest is one that often proves frustrating. The ghosts need their help, but Alex and Rae are stumped until they find a breakthrough that will have profound implications for their own lives.

This was both a fun read and a moving one. Without being sappy, it was sweet. The author's use of words paints vivid images in your mind and makes the entire situation seem like something that could happen.

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