Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sookie's back

From Dead to Worse
Charlaine Harris
ISBN 0441015891

In the aftermath of Katrina, many towns in Louisiana struggle to cope with the havoc and fall out. There is a storm coming, though, that makes nature's fury seem pale in comparison. The head of Las Vegas' vampire kingdom wants to take over Lousiana and Arkansas, and is prepared to do it in a bloody fashion, no pun intended. Since her love life has entangled her with the local vamps, Sookie Stackhouse finds herself smack in the middle of things; as if she didn't have enough to juggle between her were-tiger boyfriend vanishing, tensions between the aforementioned former vampire romantic ties, and her perpetual family woes that have just taken an interesting twist or two. When the smoke clears, will Sookie be among those still standing?

Both fun and tense at once, this series remains a consistent winner. Sookie's plain talking view of life is easy to read and relate to; she somehow makes it seem almost normal to be in love triangles with vampires and were critters or to have kin that are of the fey sort. Rather than being angsty, she rolls with the punches and makes even the worst moments worth a smile. Fans of the series should enjoy, at least I did, the way her romantic life alters in this book.

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