Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playing with Fire

Playing With Fire
Katie Macalister
ISBN 045122378

May is a Shadow Walker and a notorious thief. Created to be the clone of a na-aid, Cyrene, she often seems more vibrant than her "twin." Perhaps this is why fate has dealt her this hand, to be the mate of the wyvern of the Silver sept of Dragon, Gabriel. She never planned to fall in love with anyone, she doesn't like romance and all that stuff. Besides that, she has to avoid a demon lord, a blackmailer, and the law of the Otherworld. But, she can handle dragonfire and Gabriel is certainly agreeable, even though May tried to steal from him. The fate of the world and the hearts of two lovers are once again bound in this latest adventure in Ms. Macalister's exciting realm.

Elevated to primary player status, Gabriel is truly the star he was always meant to be. Fans of the Aisling Grey books will be thrilled to finally see him get his due, and have no fears, Aisling, Drake, and Jim are significant co-stars in this. I did miss our favorite cabbie, but am sure we have not seen the last of him. If you love your daring deeds liberally sprinkled with good humor, then this is a perfect read.

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