Monday, March 3, 2008

50 ways to Hex Your Lover

Fifty Ways to Hex Your Lover
Linda Wisdom
Source Books
ISBN 140221085X

For the most part, Jazz has a great life; she's a powerful, centuries old witch who still looks hot, her boss might be slime who requires her to drive around assorted paranormal oddballs, some of whom stink to high heaven, but she loves her job, her friends are fantastic, and life is interesting. How many people have attack slippers and a car with a built in companion?Then, her on and off lover, Nick, a vampire, comes back into her life. Though there's a variety of reasons she ought to avoid him, there's a strong reason for them to work together; they share a deadly enemy who Jazz thought she had killed seventy years ago. He's more dangerous than ever and poses a threat to their entire world, even to the dead.

My soul laughed so much as I read this book! I loved the quirky characters and hope to see them again. This is fun without being silly. Smart humor is hard to find, and when you do, it's to be treasured. Originality makes this book a true keeper.

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