Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cait London's Stranger's Touch

Stranger's Touch
Cait London
ISBN 0061140511
Paranormal Romance

Her life, and her sister's lives, have been dominated by the prepossessing fact of their powers. Tempest's "gift" is to be able to know all about an object by simply touching it, so she keeps her hands gloved, trying to minimize the exposure and the trauma. Sure that a brooch is key to freeing her family from a cursed destiny, Tempest has made locating it her goal in life. However, its owner is in the way. Handsome, wealthy, and suave, Marcus is every woman's dream, except perhaps Tempest's. She is able to walk away from him, rather than the reverse. That makes her VERY interesting to him. Like Tempest, Marcus is haunted by his past, specifically, by his parents' murders, and believes she can help him put those ghosts to rest. In order to do so, she will have to make herself vulnerable, in more ways than one. Though she is walking into what she knows is a dangerous situation, Tempest risks everything for those she loves; surprisingly, that list has expanded to include Marcus, not just her sisters and mother.

Tempest and Marcus' story is one that manages to be both incredible and credible at once. Though the description of her power will remind you, superficially, of the X-men's Rogue, she is much more than that character. This is a solid, well rounded tale that holds your attention from beginning to end. I would also love to see a novel featuring her mother, Greer, at the center. The glimpses of her showed someone who was complex and had enough of a past and secrets to rate four hundred plus pages to delve into them.

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