Saturday, March 8, 2008

Star Wars Audio

Star Wars Legacy of the Force 8 - audio CD
Karen Travis
RH Audio
ISBN 0739324012
Science Fiction/Media Tie in

The galaxy, especially the Skywalker/Solo clan, is still reeling from the death of Mara Jade Skywalker at the hands of the man who used to be her nephew but has changed into a Sith Lord as powerful as his grandfather ever was, Jacen Solo or Darth Caedous. Knowing only she can stop him, Jacen's twin, Jaina, sets out on a quest to join forces with the man who once tried to kill her father, Boba Fett, and learn all she can so as to end her twin's reign of terror. Boba has as much of a need for revenge as she. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker strives to avoid the dark side and avenge his mother, and the entire Republic is torn apart by factions. Jacen would bring about an Empire to rival Palpatine's, and there are many who oppose him, especially his former family. Palpatine's nobles, Alliance forces, and everyone who seeks justice or truth find themselves once again at odds as all the hard won times of peace turn into bloody conflict.

Ably raed by Mark Thompson, this story is what the prequel trilogy should have been. Jacen is more formidable than Anakin ever was. Mr. Thompson's ability to change his voice to suit each character makes Ms. Travis' words come to life even more vibrantly. Cheers to this entire mini-series.

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