Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kelley Armstrong's newest

The Summoning
Kelley Armstrong
Harper Teen
ISBN 0061662690
YA Paranormal

When Chloe's ability to see ghosts draws unwelcome attention, she is deemed to be an at risk adolescent and sent to a group home where she can "be helped." Among the troubled youths there, she makes some instant enemies, but also, some very close friends, some of whom will prove to be vitaly important in the days to come. Despite the purported high success rate of Lyle House, not every patient makes it out alive. Moreover, Chloe is not the only teen there who is not really troubled, just has powers. Two boys, Simon and Derek, introduce her to the idea of Supernaturals, beings like her who have something extra, whether it is spellcraft, necromancy, or other powers. Because of this, Lyle House is a very dangerous place for them, for something has been going on there for decades, something that threatens to destroy any Supernatural who walks through its doors. Chloe's admission there might not be a coincidence after all.

If you thought Kelley Armstrong to be an awesome writer going on her Women of the Otherworld series, then double your estimation by at least two when you read this. I still love her adult writing, but this really blows you away. Chloe's story is a compelling read that will keep you riveted right from the start, and grow more addictive as you turn the pages. I can hardly wait to see more.

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