Monday, July 7, 2008

If Wishing made it so Lucy Finn

If Wishing Made it So
Lucy Finn
ISBN 0451224590

While attending a high school reunion, Hildy Caldwell half hopes to get a second shot at a Mike, her once upon a time sweetheart, but has little true belief it will take place. Then, not only does she win big at the casino, but finds a genie bottle. Tony G, the one time centurion, cursed now to be a genie, is more than willing to help her make her dream come true. However, Hildy has some competition in the form of a fiancé, and besides, she does not want a wish born love, but the real thing. In any case, Tony is fun to have around, but when his former gangster master wants him back, Hildy and everyone she cares for are in danger.

If you are wishing for a fun read that's not pure fluff, then - all I can say is granted. Though I was not expecting the way it ended, I was not disappointed. I'd love to see more of Tony, in fact. There are lots of laughs, danger, and a truly deep message contained in this delightful package of words. Ms. Finn is a rising star, don't miss out.

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