Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wizard's daughter

Wizard's Daughter
Victoria Graydale
Stargazer Press

May 2007
ISBN 0973494077
Historical fantasy


After Adrian kidnaps two young women to fulfill a commission, he finds himself turned into a bodyguard for one of them. Lady Millie needs to avoid an unwanted marriage, and Phaedra is simply there to protect her lifelong mistress/companion. Soon, Adrian finds himself falling for Phaedra, but she is a nobody, and not someone he can marry. Meanwhile, Millie remains at the center of contention as rivals vie for her hand, though it is the somewhat awkward Egbert that she has given her heart to. Whether or not they can manage to be together is anyone's guess, especially when you consider how backward Millie is socially, and how she insults almost anyone without meaning to. Moreover, Phaedra might not be the nobody people believe her to be.

This is a charming, light and simple tale that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. True love and overcoming barriers to it are at its core, with no false padding of sensuality to distract from the honest emotions. Love, loyalty, and the quality of friendship are what matter here, not shallow sensations.

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