Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nicki Styx 2

A Match Made in Hell
Teri Garey
ISBN 0061136166
Paranormal romance

Ever since she died and came back, Nicki Styx's life has been one replete with the weird. For one thing, she sees dead people, well, dead women. She can't see dead guys, like her long lost twin sister can. If seeing ghosts is strange, then the whole sister thing is doubly so. It turns out that Nicki's current lover was married to the long lost twin sister, Kelly. Nicki first meets Kelly when Kelly is in a car wreck during which their equally long lost birth mother who was on her way to reunite their "family", was killed. Now, Mama Peaches is haunting Nicki with enigmatic warnings meant to keep "Miss Perfect" (Kelly) from danger. Some would see the final strange point as a plus; a truly hot guy seems dedicated to stealing Nicki from her man; the only problem is, the reason he's "hot" is he lives in Hell. It would seem the devil wants a new bride, and Nicki has been chosen, but he'll take her twin if he can't have her. So, whether she likes Kelly or not, Nicki faces either a fight she can only barely hope to win or making an ultimate sacrifice to save a woman she barely knows or likes much.

This is a fun, compelling, page turner. Laughs and suspense are perfectly melded so that you just cannot put this book down. Granted, some of the situations seem a bit over the top, but that only adds to the humor. Moreover, Ms. Garey conveys a level of heat without getting graphic, an art that is being lost and is appreciated greatly. I truly look forward to reading more of her work.

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