Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good Ghouls

Good Ghouls Do
Julie Kenner
Sept 07
ISBN 0425217035
YA Urban Fantasy

Since being turned into a vampire, Beth has found that life sucks, in more ways than one. The main one is, her boyfriend, Clayton, was also turned, by her, but to save his life, not for any nefarious reason. As a result, he has to kill her, unless she can kill her maker first, at which point, both should be turned back to human. She just has no idea WHO her maker is, and she can't spend a lot of time trying to find out. She has to perfect a daywalker formula or risk being killed by one faction, avoid the hunters that either belong to an opposing group of vampires or are being sent by Clayton, keep what she is a secret, work on beefing up her transcript, cheerlead, and cope with the fact that she's attracted to to boys, one who wants to kill her apparently and one who should want to. She'll have to live forever to get it all done, the question is, can she?

Reading a Julie Kenner book is a sheer treat for the mind, there's no two ways about it. Beth is a sympathetic heroine who keeps you laughing even though you're on the edge of your seat. At the end of each book this talented author writes, I find myself mentally screaming, what's next, I can hardly wait.

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