Sunday, July 27, 2008

Politics with a positive result

The Governor's Wife
Kate Rizor
Stargazer Press
ISBN 0973494085

Ten years ago, Tanner's wife, Andra, vanished. In the years since, there have been no leads and Tanner has become the governor, then from nowhere, she is found. A homeless woman is arrested and one sharp eyed cop, upon catching a glimpse of a picture of the missing first lady of the state, realizes "Andie" is Andra, though she cannot recall ever being anything other than a wandering vagrant, struggling to survive. Yet, all tests prove that she truly is Tanner's wife. Making the adjustment from homeless to great lady is difficult, nothing is familiar, trust is hard, and Andie knows her past could ruin the man she is falling in love with against all better judgment.

This is a sweet, compelling novel reminiscent of Diana Palmer in many ways. Straightforward narration makes for a fast read as the well developed characters build a new relationship from the ashes of the past. Though there are few surprises, sometimes you just need a comfortable book, and this is sure to please when you are in that mood.

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