Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Nora Roberts
ISBN 0399154914
Romantic Suspense

Since leaving behind her acting career, Cilla has spent time "flipping houses". Her latest project is not to flip one, but to restore her late grandmother's home and make it her own. Janet Hardy died in the early seventies under odd circumstances billed as suicide, ala Marilyn Monroe, but could it have been murder? Cilla's return to the family hometown stirs up memories for someone who is not happy to have the past reawoken. She becomes the target of harrassment that edges towards deadly with precision and fear. Yet, it is not all bad news. Her handsome neighbor, Ford, instantly adores her, to the point of considering Cilla a "warrior goddess". That might be the most frightening thing of all for Miss Independent.

I read Nora Roberts as much for her people as for the plot, maybe more so. Cilla and Ford make this an easy to read charmer, even without the suspense. How can something be sexy, a bit scary, and heartwarming all at once? If I knew how, I'd be writing the books Ms. Roberts does. As it is, I'm delighted to be able to enter her worlds through their pages. This is another winner.

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